Rich Foresta Founder Apeizza Franchising Company

Rich Foresta founded “Apeizza Restaurants” (Originally Angelo’s Pizza Parlors) in August of 1996, and served continuously since that time as President and Chief Operator.

Rich began his culinary career more than 40 years ago in Brooklyn, NY. Learning the business from the bottom up, Rich quickly raised within the industry, acquiring his first franchise, Chicken Delight in 1971. Richard moved to Pueblo, CO in 1978 where he soon started to establish a reputation for quality pizza and Italian food. His first ventures in Colorado were Big City pizza, founded in 1990, and Angelo’s Pizza Parlor in 1996, it quickly becoming a pizza staple among the local population. In 2001, Rich opened Angelo’s North side to better serve both sides of town.

His studies at Farmingdale University include; Strategic Management, Organizational Decision Making, New Venture Creation, Business Data Communications, and Staffing and Selection.

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Rich Foresta Founder Apeizza Franchising Company

Rich Foresta



Joe Vega President of Operations