Apeizza e Vino (pronounced A Pizza)  is a fresh new idea of creating and owning a pizza/wine bar. This exciting concept takes into consideration three main factors.

Visualize a tastefully appointed wine bar, creating a lovely ambiance with low lighting and smooth jazz music playing in the background. The rustic brick wood-fired oven is situated behind the bar and inspires your customer’s senses with the smell of fresh garlic and sweet, fresh basil. The aroma of pizza baking in the oven will create a mouthwatering anticipation for your customers. “In our family, making pizza is a tradition that has been passed on through generations.”

Apeizza e vino is one of the most affordable, turn key franchise packages of its kind on the market today. Be a part of this new concept pizza franchise – experience the growth and excitement!

Apeizza e vino is our smaller franchise opportunity with approximately 1,800 square feet. Cost information will be provided when you Contact Us. There are many opportunities to lower your start up costs by leasing and retrofitting a space which had been a restaurant previously.

Ease of Operation
Low Staffing Requirements
Ease of Training Staff
Less Hours of Operation
Lower Food Costs
Lower Payroll Expenses
Low Investment
Minimal Equipment
Low Cost of Build Out
Smaller Foot Print
Small Market Adaptability
Airports, Historic Districts
Smaller Demographic Areas
Multi-Cultural Appeal

See cost and fees to own a Apeizza e Vino

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