In 1995, the first expansion of the original Angelo’s Pizza Parlor occurred. Then, in 2000, the family opened a second location on the North side of Pueblo. Angelo’s “Northside” was a larger restaurant and in no time became a successful as the original Angelo’s. The first “Apeizza” restaurant opened its doors in Monument, CO in 2005. Then, in 2008, the family started development and construction of the new Angelo’s Pizza Parlor in the heart of Pueblo CO, at the prize location of the newly developed “River Walk” downtown.

The Angelo’s family of restaurants successfully brought Brooklyn-style Italian food to the west. What has resulted is an explosion of loyal customers, revenues, and recognition.

In 2007, the family officially founded the Apeizza Franchising, Inc. concept, based on the conviction that persons who invest capital in their own businesses will be the best partners for the future expansion of Apeizza.

Key Team Members

Rich Foresta Founder Apeizza Franchising Company

Rich Foresta



Joe Vega President of Operations